Wise Men before their King

Books by Nancy Binzen

Happily Ever After - Book by Nancy Binzen

Is it Okay for Girs to Slay Dragons - Book by Nancy Binzen

On Becoming a Dragon Woman - Book by Nancy Binzen

Soul Stories - A Workbook - Book by Nancy Binzen


"I just wanted to write and say how much I enjoyed reading your book. The images are gorgeous - you made beautiful choices - and the poems are filled with fun surprises. I'll never view fairy tales again the same way after readying your book."

Diana SJ, business owner

"I love your poems! Beautifully portrayed voices of Fairy Tale characters, waking up to what’s really true. Thank you for your great contribution to our lives."

Lion G, transformational coach and workshop leader

"I just wanted to thank you so much for your book. I really enjoy reading it! Sometimes I read a page here and there and it's really fun to have!"

Coral C, student

Witty with whimsy and social commentary, very well done."

Tom P, psychologist